TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies
Art journaling has been a part of my creative process since high school. It’s the one thing I always come back to when I’m feeling lost or overwhelmed by life and is the one place where I can create intuitively, without a specific purpose or judgement. Just the act of doodling on a page or making a collage in my journal calms my nerves and helps me to reconnect with my true self.

Whenever I get the ‘itch’ to journal, I get out my art journal supply kit (which I often carry with me in my bag or purse) and get started.

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit

My Art Journal Supply Kit Includes:

• Pens and markers
• Colored pencils and sharpener
• Glitter glue and gel pens
My travel watercolor set
• A small pair of scissors
• Glue stick
• Mechanical pencil and eraser
• Large zipper pouch (mine is handmade by Slide Sideways, now known as Year Round Co.)

I love to experiment and have fun when working in my art journal so I like using supplies I wouldn’t normally use when making art. I love adding a touch of glitter or using a white gel pen to doodle over a dark watercolor wash.

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies
TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies

My Favorite Collage Materials:

• Vintage National Geographic magazines
• Vintage postcards and other ephemera
• Vintage books
• Pressed leaves and flowers
• Any other bits I find and collect

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies

You may have noticed that I use a old book as my art journal medium. There’s something about drawing inside the pages of a book that feels so satisfying. There are no blank white pages staring at me saying “this better be good” and I love choosing an old book with a title and cover that speaks to me.

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies
TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies

Do you art journal? What are some of your favorite supplies or techniques?


  1. says

    This is AWESOME. I love the white gel pen. I tend to do all my drawing, painting, writing, etc on scrap paper or in random notebooks and then rip and cut and stick miscellaneous stuff into my journal, and then maybe do something directly on top of that. It’s the best because I can just take a tiny notebook with me everywhere and then pull stuff out of it later to journal with. That’s the way that works best for me.

    • says

      Thanks Lil! I also am an obsessive collector of random papers, notes, doodles, etc. I try to keep them all together so that when I want to sit down and make a collage I have everything I need! It’s also fun to art journal when I’m on the go, because then I’m forced to only work with the materials I have with me at the time. I tend to get a little crazy with my supplies sometimes, so working within some limitations is a good thing for me 🙂

  2. Regina says

    These are great ideas. I have not been art journaling, but may start… or encourage my 9 year old by keeping your array of supplies close at hand for him. I shared this on my facebook page, too….

  3. Nina negrao says

    This is so cool I just bought a new note book and ready to decorate It, in spring I’m going to New York City and what I get there I’m going to put it in my note book