TODAY: Let Creativity Flow

TODAY: Let Creativity Flow #inspiration
Sources left to right: 1. Collage (Laura Blythman) 2. Well Loved Quilt (Lola Nova) 3. Outdoor Gathering (Green Wedding Shoes) 4. Paint (Source Unknown) 5. Images of Spring (Unknown Source) 6. DIY Confetti Sticks (Best Friends For Frosting) 7. Pretty Girl (Design Love Fest)

I wanted to share a bit of eye candy with you all today! I collected these yummy images from around the web and I think they are oozing with color, creativity, and fun.

My 30th birthday is quickly approaching (this Sunday, August 3!), so I’m giving myself a little break this week to slow down and reconnect with my creative self. I have some methods and activities that I always turn to when I’m getting my creative juices flowing, and I thought I’d share them with you. It’s so important to foster our creativity, stay inspired, and allow ourselves to play– even when our busy schedules seem to get in the way.

Get Out That Art Journal

To me, fostering creativity means getting out my art journal supply kit without having a specific project in mind. I love opening up my art journal, flipping through my collage materials, and just following my intuition and allowing anything to happen. Before I know it, I instinctively choose a color, shape or image and begin filling pages. My mind relaxes and my hands and intuition do their work.

Craft With Friends

Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed, the one thing I need is a glass of wine, a few close friends and a simple craft project we can all do together. We can laugh, talk about what’s new, and pass around the hot glue gun and glitter.

Go Outside & Daydream

On the beautiful summer days, I love taking a walk to the park with a blanket, iPod, water and snacks, and maybe my sketchbook or a craft project. Sometimes all I need is a change of scenery to feel reconnected with my creative self. I relax, listen to my favorite song, enjoy the warm breeze and the birds chirping. I allow my mind to wander and daydream and jot down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind.

How do you reset your creativity?