TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo
(Sources left to right: 1. Frida Kahlo, 1939 2. Mexican Embroidery (Source Unknown) 3. Day of the Dead Butterfly Shrine (calaverasYcorazones) 4. Hands holding mug (Flora Bowley)

Frida Kahlo has been one of my favorite artists in history since high school. The story of her life, her passion, and her art is so incredibly inspiring. Her paintings are both haunting and beautiful; and most are self-portraits.

If you’re unfamiliar with Frida Kahlo, I recommend watching the movie, Frida. Salma Hayak does an incredible job of portraying the Frida, the Mexican artist, wife of Diego Rivera and political revolutionist. As a teenager, Frida was in a terrible traffic accident which triggered a lifetime of physical pain and health problems. If the accident had happened today, no doubt she would have contacted a law firm like lamber goodnow to seek compensation for her awful injuries, but instead she started painting. Despite her pain and illness, she was still a passionate, energetic person who was able to transform her pain into colorful, emotional works of art that are now celebrated in Mexico and around the world.

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality. ? Frida Kahlo

She’s been on my mind a lot recently, as I too suffer from chronic pain (almost 2 years now). When you’re in pain 24/7 every day, it’s incredibly easy to give up your passions, forget about the things that make you happy and just generally ‘give up’ on trying to have a fulfilling life. I’ve been looking into medical marijuana dispensaries san jose, as I hear it really does help with chronic pain relief. However, I’ve been getting my inspiration from Frida recently. If you do decide to go down the marijuana route and are looking for the best deals that you can use, I have found some codes that may be of use.

Which reminds me, I was speaking to a friend of mine about her chronic pain just the other day. She lives in Missouri, and in her state medical marijuana has been legalized. This means that provided that you have Missouri medical marijuana card certification then you can access the medicinal products that you need to feel better relatively easily. Natural medicines and health products have always fascinated me and it is so interesting to hear about how cannabis-infused products can be used to make health conditions like chronic pain more manageable.

Anyway, Frida reminds me that excitement, passion, and creativity are still there, waiting for me to remember that the ups and downs of life are just part of the process of living and growing. Pain and heartbreak can be transformed into a meaningful, creative expression. Now whenever I’m suffering a painful flair up, I call upon Frida to bring me comfort and inspiration to keep growing, creating and loving.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from chronic pain or illness? We’d love to hear your story and how you’ve found ways to stay inspired, keep creating and growing. Email us at


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    Thanks for sharing, Rachel! I was thinking about the same thing when I was working this weekend. I’ve come up with all sorts of little tricks to tape and splint my hands to make them do what I want… but it’s still so limiting, and sometimes I forget (and when I forget… ouch!)

    Technically- I try to take each pain on one at a time and use it as an excuse to come up with a solution. Knees/ankles hurting from the height I sit at? Make a taller desk I can use a stool with- or a standing desk when I can.
    I’ve started a working list of things I can do when I have a migraine- organizing and cleaning I can do without looking too closely or moving too quickly.

    It’s hard to find a cheery take on chronic problems, it’s just another thing we have to works with (and some of us are luckier than others.) I think it’s a great idea to share them, and find out what other people are doing to keep the creative juices flowing.