DIY: Love Letter Books for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, probably because I’m a big mush at heart. I like to think of it as the Thanksgiving for love– a chance to tell the people you love how special they are, and how much they mean to you.

This year I thought I’d turn all those ideas into a keepsake– a Love Letter Book that two people can pass back and forth until it is filled with compliments, thanks, and well wishes. It’s a perfect activity for kids or adults, and needs only a couple of basic supplies (and the free templates included below.)



• A few sheets of colored card stock or scrapbook paper for your covers.
• A printer, and some basic text weight paper for your inside pages
• A pair of scissors
• A ruler
• A pencil (preferably a mechanical one, you’ll see why.)
• The template pages below

There are a couple of ways to transfer the template onto your card stock. You can print directly on the card stock (if your printer is up to that), cut out the template form and trace it onto the card stock, or (as I have done here) use transfer paper to transfer the lines to the paper you will use for your cover.

First I lined up the transfer paper under my template and over my card stock…

Then traced the outside lines with my pencil.IMG_5768
You can see that I also made a mark where the dotted line was on my template.

Using that mark, I used a the end of a mechanical pencil (lead retracted) to put a score line into my card stock. That will make for a better fold.

If you aren’t familiar with scoring- it’s a basic process that pushes down the fibers of the paper, and encourages the paper to fold on that mark. Since I am folding diagonally across a sheet of card stock, the score line makes a big difference.

After I have scored both sides of the cover, I use the smooth end of the pencil to burnish (flatten) the fold.

I then used the Page Template to cut out a total of 12 hearts, folded them in half, and made two stacks of 6. These will be the inside pages of our two halves of my heart book.

I took one stack and lined it up with the fold on one side of my cover.

I made a tiny snip in the bottom fold of the cover and pages to secure my string.

I cut two pieces of string/ribbon, 12″ each, and wrapped one around the cover and pages on each side, following the fold.

Then I tied the string firmly in a knot at the top of each heart, binding the heart books together, and leaving me enough extra sting to tie the book closed.

Once you close the pages and tie the book up you have a lovely two-part book to decorate and fill with love.


You can write all the things you admire about your best friend, your sister, your daughter…

and if you’re lucky you’ll read something just as special in the other half of the book.

Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic love- it’s time to show your appreciation of all the people around you.

But hey, if your Valentine is more of the romantic variety,  that’s okay too.


DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts

DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts
I’ve been treating myself to lots of baths lately. Let’s just say I’m in need of some serious self-love. I usually add some Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oil but I’ve been looking to try something new. I’ve become especially interested in essential oils and different ways you can use them so I decided to make up my own bath salts.

Not to get too woo-woo but I’ve been feeling very drawn to water energy. Water energy encompasses our love, compassion, emotions and intuition. So I decided to mix up some Mermaid Bath Salts so that like the mermaid, I too can become one with the water.

Supplies Needed:

• 1 cup Epsom salts
• 1/3 cup pink Himalayan sea salt
• 1/3 cup baking soda
• 15 rose germanium essential oil
• 10 drops lavender
• 5 drops rosemary
• Food coloring

DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts

In a bowl, combine the Epsom salt, pink salt and baking soda. Mix to combine thoroughly.

DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts

Next add in the food coloring. If you are going to mix colors like I did, you’ll need to mix it in a separate bowl first, then pour it into the salt mix. This will prevent uneven coloring. I wanted my bath salts to be deep blue (like the sea), so I added 20 drops of blue and 6 drops of purple. But feel free to make your salts any color or shade you like. Pour the coloring into the salt mix and stir until the color is fully combined with the salt.

DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts

Next add in the essential oils. I chose rose geranium for love, lavender for peace of mind, and rosemary for protection and healing. Stir the salt mix until the fragrance is thoroughly combined. Let your bath salts dry for a few hours before packing them into jars (this will help prevent clumping).

DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts
DIY: Mermaid Bath Salts

TODAY: Resolutions for a Creative 2015

I’m not usually one for New Years Resolutions, because I feel like the best resolutions are the ones you come up with throughout the year- the little pep-talks you have to encourage yourself to look at challenges as possibilities.

But if there’s a good time to put all those thoughts together into one big life plan, New Years may be it. So here’s a list of my goals.

Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes it is so much easier to stand still and let the world settle around me. It’s easier to watch TV than try out  new tools. It easier to be disappointed with the things you’ve already done than be excited about the things you’re going to do next. But if you stagnate and let life become a series of routines then you will stop seeing the possibilities to grow and explore.

So I’m going to let go of 2014. I’ll remember the good, and sweep away the bad. It’s a new year after all.

Do It Quick and Cheap First

Sometimes the ideas come at me in droves, and it’s tempting to go out and buy every tool or supply I could possibly need. But then I’ve invested money and time in a project that might or might not work out. So I’m going to try to do things on a small scale first. Low pressure and low investment to judge how much enjoyment I’ll get out of a project before I take a bigger leap.

Look for Challenges

To keep the ideas from drying up, I’m going to seek out challenges and chances to let my brain run. I’ll keep looking at my trash as a source of art supplies, and seek outside inspiration. (If you’re looking for some help on the inspiration front- join our DIY Craft Challenge.) Rather than buying something, I’ll try to make it first.

Cork Robots. Definitely weird.

Cork Robots. Definitely weird.

Try something weird

I’m going to try to do more projects outside of my normal wheelhouse. I’ll use materials I’m less comfortable with, make things that are more whimsical than practical, and just generally try new things.

Cut Back the Pressure

The pressure to make something (especially to make something “good”) can get so overwhelming that I get the maker’s version of writer’s block. So this year I’m going to practice what I preach and give myself a break whenever I feel like I need it.


Have More Craft Couseling Sessions

Also known as a PARTY. I’m going to try to have more craft parties with my friends, and do all sorts of things I might not do otherwise. I love being surrounded by other people with the drive to make stuff. (Our craft parties take all different forms, but my favorite have always been the ones where everyone brings something to work on, and shares with the group. Like nail polishin’.)

Don’t be a Craft Hoarder

I love to collect tools and supplies– and that can be a problem when my collections get overwhelming. So this year, I’m going to use minimalism as an inspiration to make more (and make faster.) If I don’t use something in a reasonable amount of time, I’m going to get rid of it. That way I’ve either done something, or I have space to put the next thing I DO make. (Sound familiar?)

Look at Everything

I get overwhelmed by what’s going on in my life. (If I say “I’m just so busy” one more time…) Sometimes that means I start living a more internal life, and stop noticing the beautiful things around me. It’s easier, but it’s not sustainable. This year I want to do more looking. Looking at the weird plants in my yard, looking at the work of artists and crafters– just generally seeing more.

Pay it Forward

Finally, I want to keep building a creative community that embraces our need to make, build, problem solve, prettify… you get the drift. I want to help everyone see the creativity in their lives, and chase away the little voice that says “you can’t do it”. (Because you can. I know it.)


I’m sure I’ll have a million other little rules for myself this year, but I think this is a good start.
What are your plans for 2015?


TODAY: Get your space in order.

Yesterday I picked up an unlabeled box, fought to pull the lid off, and was greeted by an explosion of confetti.

You might think that’s a funny prank- except that it was me who had the bright idea of putting the confetti in that box in the first place. Dumb. My own prank would have been thwarted by a simple “Confetti” label on the box. Next time- maybe.

If you’re like me, this dreary weather makes staying under the covers all day pretty appealing. I’ve been in kind of a creative rut, and even a self imposed vacation didn’t fix everything. Well, time to try something new…

Order to fight the blues.

It’s time to clean, organize, dump, and declutter. Here are a few ways I’ve been getting things in order:

• Organizing, filing, and labeling my tools and materials. I am much happier when everything has a home. I am ecstatic if that home makes sense and is easy to access. I try to keep my most-used tools handy, and put less-used tools and materials in labeled boxes that will be easy to find when it’s time to use them.
• Trying out those “I bet I could…” projects and tools. I have a tendency to accumulate ideas and materials, but it’s hard to get to everything. If I have little projects that have been sitting in my head for a while, I try to take an afternoon to try them out for real- even if it doesn’t feel like the best use of my time. If the project is a dud (which happens) I’ll know it and be able to move on to other ideas.
• Dumping materials and tools I’m never going to get to, or don’t really want. I’m trying to be really honest with myself about what I really want to spend my limited time doing. If I have a hole punch I will never use, or paper that I abhor, I’m better off passing it onto someone who would like it. If it’s something I saved from the recycling bin (no judgement) then maybe it’s time for it to go back in there… and maybe that “confetti” was really just the holes punched from a binding project.
• Similar to the “I bet I could” projects, I’ve been working on the small quick projects I put off in favor or more in-depth creative pursuits. Framing and hanging posters at my house, designing signage and displays for the shop, etc.

Do you have any tricks you use to simplify your work and your workspace? We’d love to see!

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo
(Sources left to right: 1. Frida Kahlo, 1939 2. Mexican Embroidery (Source Unknown) 3. Day of the Dead Butterfly Shrine (calaverasYcorazones) 4. Hands holding mug (Flora Bowley)

Frida Kahlo has been one of my favorite artists in history since high school. The story of her life, her passion, and her art is so incredibly inspiring. Her paintings are both haunting and beautiful; and most are self-portraits.

If you’re unfamiliar with Frida Kahlo, I recommend watching the movie, Frida. Salma Hayak does an incredible job of portraying the Frida, the Mexican artist, wife of Diego Rivera and political revolutionist. As a teenager, Frida was in a terrible traffic accident which triggered a lifetime of physical pain and health problems. Despite her pain and illness, she was still a passionate, energetic person who was able to transform her pain into colorful, emotional works of art that are now celebrated in Mexico and around the world.

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality. ― Frida Kahlo

She’s been on my mind a lot recently, as I too suffer from chronic pain (almost 2 years now). When you’re in pain 24/7 every day, it’s incredibly easy to give up your passions, forget about the things that make you happy and just generally ‘give up’ on trying to have a fulfilling life.

Frida reminds me that excitement, passion, and creativity are still there, waiting for me to remember that the ups and downs of life are just part of the process of living and growing. Pain and heartbreak can be transformed into a meaningful, creative expression. Now whenever I’m suffering a painful flair up, I call upon Frida to bring me comfort and inspiration to keep growing, creating and loving.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from chronic pain or illness? We’d love to hear your story and how you’ve found ways to stay inspired, keep creating and growing. Email us at

TODAY: It’s Okay to try it Your Way.

IMG_2720_OKAYAs creative folks, we know that our work will change over time. We’ll have struggles, and we’ll have breakthroughs.

I feel like I’ve been going through a lot of that lately. I’ve had to make changes to the way I do things to accommodate for my schedule at the shop, and the limited time it’s allowed me for more creative endeavors. All in all it’s been a great experience, and has caused me to grow in directions I wouldn’t have expected. Since we’re focussed on building a creative community here at A-i-M, I thought I would share some of my experiences and encourage you to share your own.

Today I am thinking about…

Trusting Your Instincts

A friend keeps reminding me that “you have to know the rules to break them”, but I’ve always been the kind of person who knows the rules- then sticks to them. My rebellious side would let me break a few,secretly, but the other side would never be happy unless my lines were straight and my skill immaculate. It was tedious, and I was never happy with what I was making.

Because of limiting factors, I started working in a new way. I moved away from the computer and started working extensively in pencil. I would sketch, erase, sketch, erase, until I built up a design I was happy with. It all happened on one pieces of loose-leaf card stock; with a lot of lead, and a lot of erasing.

But I kept questioning myself. What if I was doing it the “Wrong Way”?

At some point I just decided to forget about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the wrong way if I am happy with the result. Our satisfaction with our work is the most important outcome. If I was happier breaking a few rules and following my own instincts, then that’s the way it should be.

We have to have the confidence that our way is the right way, for us at least. That means trying new things, and feeling it all out…

but that’s what growing up is all about.

What do you think? Have you had any breakthroughs this summer? Any projects that surprised you?
Are you trying things your way?


TODAY: Heal a Creative Soul

The illustration above is from a college class assignment, and was one of the ways I dealt with some of the more negative critiques of art school. It was also my very first letterpress project, so even though it’s not the cheeriest subject, it lead to my biggest creative passion!

A few weeks ago I was talking to someone I knew from junior high, and they said something fairly innocuous that has been plaguing me since. It was mild, probably a joke, and definitely something my adult self would have laughed off– but somehow it struck right through to the insecurities of my inner ‘tween.

I think there are very few of us who would say that they had a childhood completely free of bullying (and if we’re honest with ourselves, we probably didn’t treat everyone perfectly). It’s been a long time since that was me; and even though I am a worrier, I try not to worry too much about what people say about me. I’m a “grown-up” now.

But here’s the thing- I am just now getting to the point where I can make things without constantly worrying what people will say about them.

The trouble with subjective work

I think that bullying has a special impact on our creative souls. If you make a drawing that one sour person says “looks stupid” you will forever question your talent. Your work is subjective, so there’s no standardized test for creativity. What’s worse is that art programs encourage this kind of snarky commentary in class critiques. Very few programs make an issue of allowing only productive criticism, so you end up with people saying “I just don’t like it” “It’s not successful” “The perspective is off.”

Basically, there’s never going to be proof you’re talented, so it takes a long time for those kind of negative experiences to wear off.

I’d love to turn the whole world around (and bring world peace) but I’ll settle for getting everyone to embrace their creativity and appreciate their own style.

Below are a couple of ways that people have, over time, helped me overcome some of my hang-ups about my work– and things that I try to do to reinforce positive feelings about what I’m doing. It’s all personal, but I feel like they would be great ways to encourage creative exploration in your own life, and to help the people around you have confidence in the things they make.


Make Someone Happy

Show interest in their work.

Even if people who are quiet and secretive about their creative endeavors, they usually enjoy when people show interest in them. Don’t be pushy about it, if they don’t want to show you their work, let it go… this time. Ask questions about what they are interested in, their point of view, and places they like to look at for inspiration. Show interest in them as whole (creative) people.

Compliment, Compliment, Compliment.

If someone shows you their work, say something nice and say something true. Don’t just make up something to say, really take a moment to appreciate what you’re looking at. There’s bound to be something to admire– tell them!

Ask smart questions.

Again, showing interest in the work is key. Ask why they made decisions that they did, what they are trying to say with their work, what problems they are trying to solve.

Ask them to look at your work, sometime.

Even if you do totally different types of creating, asking for someone’s opinion shows that you appreciate their point-of-view.

Basically, be encouraging and interested.

We all need a little more creativity in our lives, and that’s much easier without nagging doubt. So lets nip those mean little voices in the bud, and while you’re at it…


Heal your creative soul

Interact, frequently, with people who “get you”.

You know, like the community here at A-i-M! There are also free meet-ups and craft events in most areas that are a great place to interact with other people who are making creativity a part of their lives. (We’d love to know about creative groups in your area- let us know in the comments section!)

Be honest with the people who make you feel less than awesome.

Sometimes people don’t think about how their comments make you feel about your work. If you take a (calm) moment to give them a little insight, you might find out they have a lot of great things to say.

Take compliments when they come.

Sometimes it takes a little work to let those compliments sink in. Take a minute to consider who they are coming from, and let it go to your head.

Keep making things the way that feels right.

For me there’s always a fight between the way I want to do things, and the way I feel like I should do them. Lately I’ve started following my own flow, and I feel happier with the things I’m making. It also gives me more energy to try new techniques, whether or not they end up working for me.

Do all that other positive stuff.

Make affirmation cards, do wacky projects, cook something crazy, and just get your creative life going. The more you do to bring joy to your life (and the lives of others) the better the world gets.



What soothes your creative soul?

SHOW + TELL: A Birthday Shrine + The Giveaway Winner!


The Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway this month. We loved hearing about all the different ways people relax and take it easy. The end of summer is the perfect time to do just that!

Now without further ado, the winner is…. KATIE SMITH!! Congrats Katie!

Now Onto Today’s Post…

Normally I look forward to my birthday every year. I love having a summer birthday and am always excited to throw a great party (usually tiki themed). But this year I have been dreading the thought of turning 30. So to lighten my mood and get excited about my favorite day of the year, I decided to make a little shrine for myself to honor this milestone and celebrate ‘officially’ becoming an adult.

I started making this pasta art shrine a few years ago when my friend Zerrin and I found the project in an old craft magazine from the 1950’s. We loved the idea so much that we decided to make our own. It was a really fun craft project! And the perfect activity to do with a friend. I only recently got around to finishing glueing the pasta and spray-painting the entire thing gold. It feels good to finally finish a project and I love how it turned out!


Setting up my shrine display…

To make my birthday shrine display, I cleared a space on a table in my living room and laid a favorite cloth down. Then I set up my pasta art shrine and placed my favorite tarot card inside as a special reminder for myself. Next I picked some fresh flowers from my garden, gathered my favorite stones, candles and other items from around my house and arranged them all around the shrine.


I love the look of my birthday shrine and having a special reminder for myself to see everyday leading up the my birthday. Each day, I light the candles and allow myself time to ruminate on what it means to be turning 30 years old and to be thankful for all that I have, and stay hopeful for the future.

GIVEAWAY: Cat Nap Eye Pillow & Tea

GIVEAWAY: Cat Nap Eye Pillow & Tea #entertowin #handmade #win

Happy Monday! We are excited to announce our next giveaway on Adventures In Making. One lucky winner will receive a handmade Cat Nap Eye Pillow and two small pouches of loose leaf tea from our friends at Experience Tea.

The Cat Nap Eye Pillow is handmade by me (Rachel) and stuffed with flax seeds, dried lavender, chamomile and lemon balm – the perfect combination to sooth headaches and help you to relax.

The winner will also receive two small pouches of loose leaf tea compliments of our friends and local shop, Experience Tea. I’ve included two of my favorite teas, Lemon Gingersnap (a lovely lemon and ginger tea with a hint of cinnamon) and NW Sunsets (blend of organic lemongrass, organic chamomile, vanilla chips, lavender, peppermint and green cardamom).

How to Enter

Leave a comment below telling us your favorite way to wind down from your day and relax (required).

Additional Entries (Optional)

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Enter all 5 ways to increase your chances of winning!

The giveaway ends on Wednesday, July 30 at 11:59PM. We will announce the winner (chosen at random) on Thursday, July 31. Good luck everyone!


This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced on Friday, August 1. Thank you to everyone who participated!

DIY: Aromatherapy ‘Cat Nap’ Eye Pillows

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

I’ve been struggling with neck and back pain for over a year now. Chiropractic and physical therapy haven’t seemed to be working so I’ve been looking for alternative, DIY treatments to manage my pain and heal. The first thing I’ve started is learning and practicing yoga. I’ve found that the gentle stretching and relaxation techniques that yoga promotes help to calm my nervous system and relax tight muscles. One of my favorite poses that I do every day is called Legs-Up-The-Wall. I try to hold the position for 10-15 minutes at a time and always feel better afterwards!

A prop I like to use while doing the Legs-Up-The-Wall pose is an aromatherapy eye pillow. I find that it really helps me to relax! Rather than going out and buying one, I decided to make my own. Inspired by my own feline pets, I made this cute ‘Cat Nap’ eye pillow. It was such an fun sewing project, I wanted to share my pattern and process.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

I ordered my herbs in bulk from the San Francisco Herb Company. Beware that they aren’t joking when they say ‘bulk’! I have A TON of these herbs on hand now. I’m ok with it as I know I’ll find more ways to use them. But you can also look for a local herbal apothecary in your area. Here’s a little info about the herbs I chose:

Lavender: Soothing, relaxing and eases headaches.
Chamomile: Calming, relaxing, and said to keep bad dreams away
Lemon Balm: Relieves stress, anxious and nervous feelings, insomnia, stress, and headaches.

Check out The Mountain Rose Blog for more herbal suggestions and their effects.

‘Cat Nap’ Eye Pillows

Note: This is an intermediate level sewing project. I used my sewing machine, but this project could also be done completely by hand.

Also, I have included links to videos on how to do the basic embroidery stitches I used for the cat face. Another alternative if you don’t want to embroider is to buy fabric markers and simply draw the face on.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal


‘Cat Nap’ Eye Pillow Pattern
• Cotton fabric (I chose fabrics in calming colors like blue, purple and green. Plus some pink for the inside of the cat’s ears)
• Pink and black embroidery floss
• 3 tablespoons of each: dried lavender, chamomile, lemon balm (I ordered in bulk from the SF Herb Company)
• 1 cup flax (purchased from the bulk section at my local grocery store)


• Sewing machine & thread
• Fabric scissors
• Pins
• Craft scissors
• Pencil
• Transfer paper
• Iron & ironing board
• Small embroidery hoop
• Needle

Step One: Cut Out Your Pattern

Print out the pattern provided and cut out with craft scissors. Following the instruction on the pattern, cut out all your fabric pieces using fabric scissors. Iron all your pieces flat.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Step Two: Draw the cat face

Pattern piece A is the front of your pillow and also where you will embroider the cat face. Fold your fabric in half and iron. This fold will be your center guide for the face. Lightly sketch the eyes, nose and mouth freehand with a pencil. If drawing freehand isn’t your thing, you can also use transfer paper to trace the cat face directly from the pattern onto the fabric.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Step Three: Embroider the cat face

Cut a length of black embroidery floss and thread it through your needle. Using a Back Stitch, embroider the eyes and mouth of the cat.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Next cut a length of pink embroidery floss and and rethread your needle. Back Stitch the outline of the cat’s nose, then use a Satin Stitch to fill in the outline (note: you’ll notice in the video, she uses a split stitch as an outline instead of the back stitch. Feel free to do either).

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Now that your cat face is complete, you can begin sewing your pieces together!

Step Four: Sew the Cat Ears

To sew the cat ears, put two pattern C pieces together, right sides facing in. Use a small pin to hold in place. With your sewing machine (or by hand), sew around the top sides of the ears leaving a ¼” seam allowance. Repeat for the second ear. Turn both ears right side out and press with an iron.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Take pattern piece D and pin to the center of each ear. Sew again along the top sides of each ear, leaving about a ¼” seam allowance.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Step Five: Sew the pillow

Next it’s time to sew all the pillow pieces together. Pin the ears, front side facing down onto the top of the cat face. Be sure to place them equal distance apart from the center. Next place piece B on the top, right side facing down and pin together with piece A.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Sew all the way around, making sure to sew through the edge of the ears, leaving a ¼” seam allowance. Leave about a 2-3” opening at the bottom edge (so we can fill the pillow with the flax and herbs).

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Trim notches where indicated on the pattern (be sure not to snip through your stitches) and then turn right side out and press with the iron.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

Step Six: Fill the Pillow with Herbs

Add 1 cup of flax plus 3 tablespoons of each herb of your choice. Carefully hand stitch the opening closed.

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal
DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal