SHOW + TELL: Sign Painters book


Sign Painters by Faythe Levine an Sam Macon

I saw a lot of old Texas towns in my formative years. A lot. Maybe that’s why I developed a healthy interest in the old painted signs that peeked out of new alleyways and wore slowly off the brick walls of boarded stores. Since my work has been more and more type driven that interest has been renewed, and only encouraged by the resurgence of sign painting. (Thank You, Hipsters!)

On a recent trip to Austin, we stopped into the Yard Dog gallery and this book caught my eye (and came home with me.) It’s full of eye candy, ideas, and the stories of working sign painters all over the country.

I’m still working my way through it all because every page inspires me to move to my sketchbook.

I love the details of the sign painting process and tools

IMG_3193and fanciful uses of sign painting techniques.

Basically, it’s amazing. I’m so glad to add it to my inspiration books.

IMG_3199If you like vintage ephemera, or typography or both this book is definitely worth a peek. There’s a quick summary of some sign-painting history at the beginning, but the book mainly focuses on contemporary talent.

You can pick up your very own copy on Amazon – Sign Painters by Faythe Levine an Sam Macon*


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SHOW + TELL: My Vintage Paper Obsession

INSPIRATION: Vintage Paper Collection #retro #stationery #pattern

I’ve always loved retro art and vintage ephemera but it wasn’t until I finished college that my obsession for vintage stationery, paper, scrapbooks, magazines and craft books really began. I started bringing things home from my grandma’s attic, shopping at vintage and thrift stores, scouring free boxes- let’s just say I’m constantly on the lookout. I’ve collected so much awesome retro goodness over the years that I started to archive it online. I love having a digital version of my collection to refer to for inspiration and I’m excited to share it with other retro style enthusiasts!

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I try to post new finds monthly. I’ve always got a stack of things I’m sorting through in my studio and am constantly bringing home more treasures, so be sure to bookmark it to see what’s new!

What fun things do you obsess over and collect?