DIY: Robot Valentine’s Day Cards with Tam Hess

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess
Please welcome guest blogger Tam Hess! Today she is sharing a fun tutorial on how to make a robot valentine using one of her own digital stamps. You can read more about Tam and the cute things she makes in her Featured Maker interview.

Working with digital stamps is so much fun! I made this easy Robot Valentine card with a free digital stamp designed by me. There are tons of cute free and low cost digital stamps online. Downloading digital stamps and keeping them on your computer saves time and space. As soon as I discovered this idea I fell in love and started designing my own. I’m particularly biased and love this robot digital stamp… well, because I created him!

Step One: Gather your supplies

The first step for designing your robot valentine card is to gather your supplies. Find fun papers, ribbon, embossing folders, punches, pens, pencils and paints. Anything you would like to use for your card. I especially love watercolors so I will get all my watercolor supplies out for some fun.

Step Two: Download and print your digital stamp

Download the robot digital stamp for free from my website. Then print it out on either 72lbs watercolor paper for watercoloring or card stock paper for pencils and pens.

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess

I like to size/format my digital stamps to be 3.5” x 2.5” and print them out four at a time. If you download Card Making Artists free digital stamps, I always include a digital stamp PDF sized/formatted just right for handmade cards.

Step Three: Color your robot

Use watercolors, pens, pencils or paints to color your robots any way you like. Have fun trying different color combinations.

Step Four: Cut out the image

Start cutting the robot image. I use the gray border line around the robot image as a guide for cutting out the digital stamp. You can use scissors, which I normally use but the cutting board works well too.

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess

After getting all the robots painted and cut out, I start looking through my stash of papers and embellishments to find the ones that match the robots. Yes, I will gather some supplies before I start my project but usually I have to jump up a million times to find just the right colored paper or embellishments. Once I get all the robots matched to papers and card folders it’s time to decide on a design.

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess

Step Five: Design your card

Finding the right design for your card can be tricky. I really get stumped on card designs. Usually I will find a “card sketch” online that I refer to. “Card sketches” are like templates to follow for card making. You can find “card sketches” on card challenge sites like Retro Sketches, which is my favorite card making challenge site. When you use a digital stamp like the Valentine Robot stamp, you can keep your design and embellishments to a minimum. If you need something smaller or don’t like the sentiment, I included in your download a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) version of your digital stamp. You can resize your PNG Valentine Robot to any size you like!

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess

The robot digital stamp is large and is the focal point of the card so there’s no need to go overboard with the embellishing. However, I love the super busy over the top cards with all kinds of embellishments, the cards that look like they wouldn’t fit in an envelope? Awesome!

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess

I need more card making practice to design one of those super embellished cards. Handmade cards are a fun and easy way to express yourself. People are always excited and impressed to receive something that you’ve made. The lazy part of me especially likes having a bunch of handmade cards ready for quick birthday and thank you greetings. If you’re super organized, keep a few gift cards on hand and then you’re really set! You can visit for more card making fun, ideas and free digital stamps.

DIY: Robot Valentine Cards with Tam Hess

DIY: Love Letter Books for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, probably because I’m a big mush at heart. I like to think of it as the Thanksgiving for love– a chance to tell the people you love how special they are, and how much they mean to you.

This year I thought I’d turn all those ideas into a keepsake– a Love Letter Book that two people can pass back and forth until it is filled with compliments, thanks, and well wishes. It’s a perfect activity for kids or adults, and needs only a couple of basic supplies (and the free templates included below.)



• A few sheets of colored card stock or scrapbook paper for your covers.
• A printer, and some basic text weight paper for your inside pages
• A pair of scissors
• A ruler
• A pencil (preferably a mechanical one, you’ll see why.)
• The template pages below

There are a couple of ways to transfer the template onto your card stock. You can print directly on the card stock (if your printer is up to that), cut out the template form and trace it onto the card stock, or (as I have done here) use transfer paper to transfer the lines to the paper you will use for your cover.

First I lined up the transfer paper under my template and over my card stock…

Then traced the outside lines with my pencil.IMG_5768
You can see that I also made a mark where the dotted line was on my template.

Using that mark, I used a the end of a mechanical pencil (lead retracted) to put a score line into my card stock. That will make for a better fold.

If you aren’t familiar with scoring- it’s a basic process that pushes down the fibers of the paper, and encourages the paper to fold on that mark. Since I am folding diagonally across a sheet of card stock, the score line makes a big difference.

After I have scored both sides of the cover, I use the smooth end of the pencil to burnish (flatten) the fold.

I then used the Page Template to cut out a total of 12 hearts, folded them in half, and made two stacks of 6. These will be the inside pages of our two halves of my heart book.

I took one stack and lined it up with the fold on one side of my cover.

I made a tiny snip in the bottom fold of the cover and pages to secure my string.

I cut two pieces of string/ribbon, 12″ each, and wrapped one around the cover and pages on each side, following the fold.

Then I tied the string firmly in a knot at the top of each heart, binding the heart books together, and leaving me enough extra sting to tie the book closed.

Once you close the pages and tie the book up you have a lovely two-part book to decorate and fill with love.


You can write all the things you admire about your best friend, your sister, your daughter…

and if you’re lucky you’ll read something just as special in the other half of the book.

Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic love- it’s time to show your appreciation of all the people around you.

But hey, if your Valentine is more of the romantic variety,  that’s okay too.


DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday
This tutorial was originally posted on my old blog in 2011. Because of it’s popularity, we’ve decided to share it here on Adventures-In-Making!

Do you remember passing notes in class when you were young? I remember in high school my friends and I were constantly writing notes back and forth to each other. My favorite part was being passed a note that was folded into something cool. I saved shoeboxes full of passed-notes until I went to college, when I finally threw them out.

Nowadays, people send more text messages than hand-written messages. But I think notes are still fun to exchange with friends! When I was trying to remember the different ways I folded notes in high school, I had the idea of creating a little tutorial to share. And since Valentine’s Day is coming up, the heart-shaped note-fold is perfect!

Step One: Write a Valentine’s Day message on regular notebook paper.

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Two: Fold the right corner of the paper down to make a triangle shape (photo 1). Unfold and do the same with the left corner (photo 2).

Step Three: Next, your going to fold a water bomb base on the upper section of the paper (photo3).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Four: Fold the right point up the the top and do the same with the left point, creating a diamond (photo 4).

Step Five: Take the right edge of the paper and fold it horizontally to the center, lining it up with the diamond (photo 5). Repeat with the left edge (photo 6).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Six: Next fold the bottom up to meet the lower point of the diamond (photo 7). Flip over.

Step Seven: Fold the top point of the diamond down, folding the diamond in half (photo 8).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Eight: Take the bottom left corner and fold it to the middle, lining it up with the lower point of the diamond (photo 9). Repeat with the right side (photo 10).

Step Nine: Tuck the corners from the last step into the pocket you made in step 7 (photo 11).

Step Ten: Next fold the right point of the diamond diagonally down (photo 12). Do the same with the left point (photo 13).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Eleven: Then tuck the points into the flap made in step 7 (photo 14).

Turn it over and you have your heart shape! Don’t forget to write a “to:” and “from:” and then pass it to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day ♥

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday