DIY: Pressed Herb Candles

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade

This summer I’ve fallen in love with growing fresh herbs in my garden and finding creative ways to harvest and use them. My favorite herb by far has been lavender. I’ve made my own eye pillows and sachets, and even lavender lemonade and cookies. Now that it’s officially fall, I’m still finding ways to keep my lavender-love going. Inspired by this post from the Free People Blog, I decided to make my own Pressed Herb Candles using lavender and chocolate mint from my garden.

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade

Since the pressed herbs are more for decoration rather than scent, I added in my favorite essential oil, Lavandin (a cross between true lavender and spike lavender). I can’t get over how beautiful these candles turned out and I love filling my home with the sweet scent of lavender even after summer has ended. Lavender is a pretty versatile herb. It can be an essential oil, a scent for a room spray, facial oil, pillow sprays (to relax before going to sleep) and even in candles that can be burnt using a Scentsy wax warmer, for example. There’s so much that can be done with something so simple.

Supplies Needed:

• Glass jars
• 1 block of beeswax (I used 1 1/2 blocks to make two candles)
• Wick
• Pressed flowers or herbs (100% dry)
• Clean empty tin can and a saucepan
• 1 old paintbrush (you can throw away afterwards)
• An old knife
• Cutting board

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade

TIP: Make sure you use the correct size wick for your jar! If you don’t your candle won’t burn properly (I learned this the hard way). Be sure to ask someone when you are buying the wick to advise you on the correct size.

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade

For full instructions, visit the Free People Blog.

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade
DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade
DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade

COLOR INSPIRATION: Sunshine & Lavender

COLOR INSPIRATION: Sunshine & Lavender #moodboard #palette #color

After sipping on Sparkling Lavender Lemonade this week, I’ve been daydreaming of this lovely color palette. With the scent of fresh lavender in my nose, a hint of citrus and a big dose of sunshine I am feeling refreshed and ready for adventure!

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4. Georgianna Lane