February DIY Challenge Results!

We are so excited to share the great submissions we received for this month’s DIY Challenge! The theme for this month was ‘Hearts’ and we were blown away by the creative projects everyone came up with. As promised we are awarding our three favorite projects and showcasing everyone’s submissions.

DIY Challenge Award: Most Heartening

These crochet heart pins made by Margaret Temari are just darling! Margaret is a single mom of 4 and a school district nurse living in suburban Chicago. Her favorite hobbies (modes of stress relief) are cross-stitch and crochet.

I share office space with 4 coworkers and we’re always leaving little gifts for each other. All of us are crafty so we appreciate handcrafted items. I wanted a valentines gift that was personal but affordable. So I crocheted pins to wear. The timing coincided with a fundraiser we were doing with the American heart association! – Margaret Temari

February DIY Challenge Results

DIY Challenge Award: Most Lovely

The award for “Most Lovely” goes to Donna Herron. We are head over heals for her Love Letter Keychain made from polymer clay. Donna is originally from New England and enjoys making things that use various materials and lots of color. Check out her tutorial on how to make this lovely Love Letter Pendant on her blog!

I love playing around with polymer clay and this project is very easy. It really only takes a little bit of clay, and some basic tools that are probably lying around most folks homes. And it’s easy to personalize these “love letters” for any recipient with the addition of a special saying or decoration. – Donna Herron

February DIY Challenge Results #hearts #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking

DIY Challenge Award: Most Adorable

These heart sachets made by Rute Caldiera are just darling! She calls them Anti-Moth Sachets, filling them with herbs to protect her clothing. Rute is a single mom from Portugal. Be sure to visit her blog, Heartland.

February DIY Challenge Results #hearts #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking

While looking for a natural (as much as possible) solution to protect clothing during winter time, a friend of mine who knows a lot about herbs came out with this simple solution: bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves and rosemary. I added rice, to keep the herbs dry. These Heart Sachets smell like nature, no too intensly and have proven to be effective. – Rute Caldiera

Hearts Gallery

February DIY Challenge Results #hearts #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking


1. Tangle Love Wreath by Shellie Wilson
2. Heart Pancakes by Aterno from Australia.
3. Anniversary Wall Art by Donna Heron
4. Sweetgum Heart Wreath by Daniele Anderson Stringer from Long Island, NY.
5. Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland by Daniele Anderson Stringer from Long Island, NY.
6. My Heart Belongs 2 U Wall Art by Judith Laguerre from Teaneck, NJ.
7. Celtic Heart Knot Garland by Sarah Nenni-Daher from Seattle, WA.
8. Rainbow Origami Hearts Bouquet by Sarah Nenni-Daher from Seattle, WA.
9. Jar of Hearts Art by Clemencia R. from Ecuador.
10. Watercolor Heart by Clemencia R. from Ecuador.
11. DIY Heart Stamps by Alison Lang from Issaquah, WA.
12. Heart Door Wreath by Helen Lebert from Clayton, CA.
13. Watercolor Heart Galaxy Art by Rachel Beyer from Portland, OR.
14. Prayer Hearts by Keisha Pittman from Arkansas.

Thank you for participating in the February DIY Challenge! For those of you who wished they could have joined in the fun, never fear! Our March DIY Challenge begins on Monday!

Happy Friday – Rachel & Alison

DIY: Heart Soy Candles

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking
Candle making is a new craft I’ve picked up in the past year or so. It’s been a fun, but very trial and error process as is the case when learning any new skill. But after a few tries I think I’ve finally got the hang of it! I’m also lucky to work for a local company that makes candles, so I have a great resource for all my questions about the process.

I treated myself to a heart-shape silicone mold this month (since it’s February and the theme of our DIY Challenge). Inspired by this photo by Beauty Spot, I decided to try making my own heart soy candles. I scented them with a blend of essential oils meant to balance the heart chakra.

Supplies Needed:

Silicone heart mold (I used Wilton’s)
Soy wax flakes
#2 wick
Wick tabs
Glue Dots
• Essential Oils (I chose Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium)

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking
DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

Special Tools:

• Pliers
• Tin can (or double boiler)
• Popsicle stick
• Clothes pins
• Scissors

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

To start you want to prep your wick with metal tabs (alternatively you could also use pre-tabbed wicks). Cut your wick to size and insert it through the metal tab with the end of of the wick lining up to the bottom of the tab. Use pliers to pinch the metal tab tightly around the wick.

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

Next place a glue dot onto the bottom of the wick tab, then place it into the center of the heart mold.

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

Use a double boiler or make one by placing a tin can into a saucepan filled with water. Over medium heat, pour wax flakes into the tin can one cup at a time. Use a popsicle stick to stir the wax. Once melted completely, add in about 20 drops of essential oils. I used 8 drops lavender, 8 drops ylang ylang, 4 drops rose geranium.

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

Carefully pour the melted wax into the molds and use a clothespin to hold the wick in place. Let dry for about 1 hour or until completely hard.

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

Trim the wicks with scissors, then carefully remove the candles from the silicone mold.

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

On Saturday we had friends over for dinner and I displayed two of my candles in small bowls at the dinner table for decoration. I’m so happy these turned out perfectly and can’t wait to make more to give as gifts!

DIY: Heart Soy Candles #tutorial #handmade #candlemaking

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday
This tutorial was originally posted on my old blog in 2011. Because of it’s popularity, we’ve decided to share it here on Adventures-In-Making!

Do you remember passing notes in class when you were young? I remember in high school my friends and I were constantly writing notes back and forth to each other. My favorite part was being passed a note that was folded into something cool. I saved shoeboxes full of passed-notes until I went to college, when I finally threw them out.

Nowadays, people send more text messages than hand-written messages. But I think notes are still fun to exchange with friends! When I was trying to remember the different ways I folded notes in high school, I had the idea of creating a little tutorial to share. And since Valentine’s Day is coming up, the heart-shaped note-fold is perfect!

Step One: Write a Valentine’s Day message on regular notebook paper.

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Two: Fold the right corner of the paper down to make a triangle shape (photo 1). Unfold and do the same with the left corner (photo 2).

Step Three: Next, your going to fold a water bomb base on the upper section of the paper (photo3).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Four: Fold the right point up the the top and do the same with the left point, creating a diamond (photo 4).

Step Five: Take the right edge of the paper and fold it horizontally to the center, lining it up with the diamond (photo 5). Repeat with the left edge (photo 6).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Six: Next fold the bottom up to meet the lower point of the diamond (photo 7). Flip over.

Step Seven: Fold the top point of the diamond down, folding the diamond in half (photo 8).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Eight: Take the bottom left corner and fold it to the middle, lining it up with the lower point of the diamond (photo 9). Repeat with the right side (photo 10).

Step Nine: Tuck the corners from the last step into the pocket you made in step 7 (photo 11).

Step Ten: Next fold the right point of the diamond diagonally down (photo 12). Do the same with the left point (photo 13).

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

Step Eleven: Then tuck the points into the flap made in step 7 (photo 14).

Turn it over and you have your heart shape! Don’t forget to write a “to:” and “from:” and then pass it to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day ♥

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

DIY: Paper Heart Note Fold #origami #heart #valentinesday

February DIY Challenge: Hearts!

Sources left to right: Origami Hearts Bouquet by My Bohemian Summer, Hearts Garland by Head vs. Heart, Big Woven Paper Heart by House That Lars Built, Heart Bird Feeder by Wine & Glue, Hearts Cherry Pie by The Diary of Dave’s Wife, Heart Dream Catcher by Molly Moo Crafts, Crochet Hearts by Craftaholics Anonymous, Heart Suncatcher by Growing A Jeweled Rose, Geometric Hearts by Minieco, Tiny Hearts Garland by Design Mom.

February DIY Challenge: Hearts

Since February is the month of all things lovey-dovey, we chose hearts for the DIY Challenge theme. Hearts are sweet and simple, so we know you’ll have fun coming up with a creative way to make your own heart-shape project. Use this as an excuse to make a valentine for your sweetie or bake a heart-shape pie for your BFF! What better way to show your love than with something special created by you!?

How To Enter

Click here for details on how to enter your project to the DIY Challenge! Don’t forget to share your projects with everyone on Instagram using #diycraftchallenge.

The challenge officially begins today, February 2, 2015 and ends on February 26, 2015. We will post our favorite projects + announce the award winners on February 27th. Have fun and happy crafting!

Need more inspiration?

Take a look out our Pinterest board for more heart project ideas.