March DIY Challenge Results!

This month’s DIY Challenge theme was close to our hearts, so we’re very excited to share a roundup of submissions we received from our readers. With a theme like ‘Letters’ you know you’re gonna have some fun. Without further ado, here are the April DIY Challenge Award Winners along with the gallery of everyone’s lovely submissions…

DIY Challenge Award: Most Brilliant

Check out these amazing billboard letters Rebecca Morrissey and Clarissa San Diego made for a (very lucky) friend’s wedding.
DIY Challenge Award Winner #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking
DIY Challenge Award Winner #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking

These are made of foam and painted to look like copper patina then lighted. So much fun to make and they turned out great!! Plus they’re light and easy to transport.

I live in Issaquah and this was for a Pi Day wedding at the Berkeley Faculty Club in California. Clarissa lives in Newcastle and helps run the SODO Makerspace in Seattle where we used a CNC Router to cut out the letters. The painting involved using copper, brown, green and teal with sponges for the desired effect. – Rebecca Morrissey

DIY Challenge Award: Most Resourceful

This entry by Deb Disalvo, inspired us to look at materials in a whole different way. We love the way she and her class in Dublin, Ohio put these mosaic letters together. (You can read more about Deb’s mosaic letters in her recent guest post.)

I was teaching a recycled arts and crafts class after school with kids in the 3rd and 4th grade. Over the years, I had accumulated hundreds of used gift cards. I came up with the idea of having each child cut out the letter of their first name. I, along with the kids, cut up the used gift cards in various shapes and sizes and then glued the shapes onto the letter to create a mosaic look. It was such a good way to use the colorful gift cards and the kids had a great time coming up with their own style mosaic letter. – Deb Disalvo

DIY Challenge Award: Most Character

Katie Smith shared her adorable art journal entry, and of course we swooned. We love her sweet painted letter. Katie lives in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and shares more of her work on her blog, Punk Projects.
DIY Challenge Award Winner #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking

 I love everything crafty- scrapbooking, mixed media, sewing, quilting drawing, crocheting, etc,. So I do a little bit of everything. Inspired by your challenge, I got out my watercolors and practiced some hand lettering in my art journal! It seems like everyone is doing hand lettering these days and I really wanted to try it out! – Katie Smith

Letters Gallery

DIY Challenge Award Winner #diycraftchallenge #adventuresinmaking


1. Hand-letter J by Judith Laguerre from Teaneck, New Jersey.
2. Scrap Paper Ironwork Letter by Alison Lang from Issaquah, Washington.
3. La Casa De Hojas painted sign by Rachel Beyer in Sante Fe, Veraguas, Panama.
4. Alphabet Hoop Art by Rachel Beyer from Portland, Oregon.
5. Scrapbook Paper Word Art by Sarah White from Fayetteville, Arizona.
6. Faux-Etched Letter Frame by Alison Lang from Issaquah, Washington.
7. Chalkboard lettering by Bobby Pathammavong from Portland, Oregon.

Thank you for participating in the March DIY Challenge! For those of you who wished they could have joined in the fun, never fear! Our April DIY Challenge begins on Tomorrow!

Happy Making – Rachel & Alison

SHOW + TELL: Our Favorite Lettering Books

Lettering is one of our many passions here at Adventures-In-Making. We are both trained in graphic design, so type, letters, fonts, etc. are all constantly floating around in our brains. Over the years, hand-lettering has become our obsession and a daily practice. Just like any skill, the only way to get good is to practice, practice, practice. Since we are compulsive doodlers, we tend to be practicing all the time.

Once of our favorite ways to practice is to page through a favorite book of lettering for inspiration and ideas. Since this month’s DIY Challenge theme is ‘Letters’ we thought we’d share some of our favorite sources for lettering inspiration.

Rachel’s Favorites

SHOW + TELL: Our Favorite Lettering Books

1. Logo, Font and Lettering Bible by Leslie Cabarga

This is a great book of reference for any graphic designer. And even better for anyone interested in letters. This book is bursting with inspiration, techniques and tips for the aspiring designer.

SHOW + TELL: Our Favorites Lettering Books

2. Hand Job: A Catalog of Type by Mike Perry

This book is a must-have for anyone interested in hand-lettering. Michael Perry showcases the work of tons of talented artists and designers. Some of my favorites are Kate Bingaman-BurtDeanne Cheuk, and Human Empire.

SHOW + TELL: Our Favorite Lettering Books

3. Handwritten: Expressive Lettering In The Digital Age by Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic

This is one of my favorite books for inspiration. A fun collection of posters, books, ads, etc., that all showcase beautifully crafted, hand-lettering.

SHOW+TELL: Our Favorite Lettering Books

4. Custom Lettering of the 60’s and 70’s edited by Rian Hughes

I have a huge soft spot for the colors and psychedelic, groovy style of the 1960’s and 1970’s. This book is a fantastic collection of lettering from the era.

SHOW+TELL: Our Favorite Lettering Books

Alison’s Favorites


5. American Wood Type by Rob Roy Kelly

I was lucky enough to use Rob Roy’s collection of wood type at in college, and to have inherited this amazing collection of type samples. Reprints come up from time to time making this book more affordable- but even in used condition it is an amazing resource for type and lettering.


6. The Art of the Letter by Doyald Young

…or any other book by Doyald Young, who was single handedly responsible for some of the most iconic logos that we grew up with (and typeface of course.) This book has break downs of his letter forms and stories about why he made the decisions he did.


7. An A-Z of Type Designers by Neil Macmillan

This book is mainly focused on the biographies and essays of type designers over the years- but also includes samples of type from almost every era. Since I reference a lot of traditional typefaces in my work, it’s a great resource to have on hand.


8. Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory

This one is all about eye-candy. It has sample lettering work from over 100 artists (including friends of the site, Jacqui and Scott Scoggin). Whenever I get in a lettering bind, all I have to do is flip through a couple of pages to get inspired to try a new style, new color, or new composition.

(Not Shown – Sign Painters by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon which I raved about before.)

What books inspire you?

March DIY Challenge: Letters

March DIY Challenge: Letters #adventuresinmaking
Sources left to right: Yarn Wrapped Letters by Let Birds Fly, Ombre Crayon Letter by Craft Cuts, Monogram Cork Coasters by Better Homes & Gardens, Felt Stuffed Letters by Buggy and Buddy, Decorative Vintage Plates by Angel In The North, Cross-Stitch Gift Tags by About The Nice Things, Pompon Letter by Craft & Creativity, Ampersand Shadow Box by Adventures In Making, DIY Floral Letter by The Mrs. & Momma Bird, D Is For Dinosaur by Little Page Turners, DIY Painted Mugs by Glued To My Crafts, Lettering With Watercolor by Melissa Esplin, DIY String Art by HelloBee.

March DIY Challenge: Letters

Letters are one of our favorite subjects for art and craft projects. We are both trained graphic designers so type, letters, fonts, etc. are always floating around in our brains. There are endless ways you can make something inspired by a letter or monogram, so we decided it would be a great theme for the March DIY Challenge! Make your own letter decor, practice some hand-lettering or calligraphy, or make a fun alphabet project with your kids!

How To Enter

Click here for details on how to enter your project to the DIY Challenge! Don’t forget to share your projects with everyone on Instagram using #diycraftchallenge.

The challenge officially begins today, March 2, 2015 and ends on March 30th, 2015. We will post our favorite projects + announce the award winners on March 31st. Have fun and happy crafting!

Need more inspiration?

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