SHOW+TELL: Mounting a Phone to a Tripod Using Sculpey

IMG_1329_tshirtrugWhen I was working on the rag rug post I had to finally face up to the fact that I need a tripod for my phone. In a crunch, I decided to try my hand at making one, using an extra phone case and other materials I had around.



First I rolled out a 3/8″ piece of clay and cut it into a fun shape. I pressed the nut into the bottom portion to give me a template to cut out with my craft knife.

I placed the nut into the hole, and pressed the clay firmly around it.

I worked the clay form around the camera case, and squeezed it into a speech bubble shape. (Why not?)

Since I was going with a speech bubble, and had some lead type on hand, I pressed a cheery little message into the clay before baking it.

Afterwards I remove the clay from the case, and added a couple of pieces of wire across the bottom to reinforce the form. Then I popped the whole thing into the oven at 275? for 22 minutes.

When it was done cooking and cooling, I used pieces of double stick mounting tape to attach it to the extra phone case. I know there are some people who make their own phone cases for this, but I used an old phone case I had. If you want to Make Your Own Phone Case, you can get them online at various retailers. I used my old case …
and bolted it onto my tripod mount.

A quick project that let me record some videos of the trickier parts of the weaving process.

Now, to admit the reason this is a “Show+Tell” instead of a “DIY”. This little guy worked great in a pinch, but I am scared to death that it will break if I’m not careful enough. I tried my best to reinforce it, but it’s just light weight polymer clay.

Have you seen or made a custom mount for your phone that can withstand repeated use? Any advice for making this design work?


  1. Karen Vradelis says

    Look for a wonderful product from England – SUGRU… It’s an air-curing (no baking) silicon based (stays flexible when cured) ‘clay’. It’s THE BOMB for do-it-yourself-ing and repair. You can get it in a few places in the US: Lowe’s Home Improvement… The Container Store… bigger Michael’s Crafts stores… always by mail order from

    It’s not ‘perfect’ – but darn near… Pretty pricey compared to polymer clay – and once you open a package – you have to use it all – there’s no way to reseal leftovers (it comes in very small packets – so usually there’s no problem using it all). It now comes in lots of colors (you used to have to mix it with red/yellow/blue)… but I can’t say enough about how fabulous this stuff is… I wish I could buy stock in it – they had a kickstarter-type funding for expansion and U.S. citizens couldn’t buy in 🙁

    • says

      I’d love to see results using SUGRU. We got a batch back in the Kickstarter but it was all hardened and useless by the time I got to trying it, so I was discouraged. My bet is it would be a great alternative. (=