SHOW+TELL: Hanging Basket Gnome Home

Gardens grow, and so do ideas, so this month is a great time to sit back and realize that some projects keep growing with you, they aren’t just done in one sitting. Some can be done a bit at a time, though, and this fairy garden (AKA Gnome Home) is a great example of a quick project that uses a lot of imagination and a little time.

The inspiration for this garden was a hanging basket that I let wild, which filled up with all sorts of awesome moss. I loved all the textures and colors, and decided that I would express a little whimsy.


I started collecting bits and baubles from the yard and house. Copper penny steps, a gravel riverbed and a small sparkling glass pond. Piece by piece I placed them into the basket, using a small spoon to pull the moss away as I went.

I put the basket aside for a week, then came back to it when I had time, adding more detail to the door with paint, a button, and some dremel carving.

I also added a swing, because no house is complete without a swing. (My personal motto.)


All the while I was imagining the little guy who lives in the house, and swings each afternoon- because sometimes it’s fun to let your imagination run wild.

I was so pleased with the way this hanging basket turned out and cannot wait to hang it back up on the exterior of our house!

We have quite a few more serious home improvement projects planned for this year, so making this basket was a welcome distraction!

Yes, it is true, we are finally getting around to sorting out our roof. After years of neglect and atrocious weather, we have decided it is time to get our roof and gutters professionally cleaned. The moss is just out of control at this point!

So far, we have been doing some research online and companies like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Sacramento have caught our eye.

Watch this space and who knows, the next time we speak, our roof and gutters might, at last, be sparkling clean once again!


Do you have any home improvement plans scheduled? What’s your most whimsical project?