SHOW+TELL: Growing Garden Journal Kit


I don’t really have a green thumb, so I’m always trying to learn more about my garden in hopes I can make it flourish. This year, in anticipation of spring planting, I am going through my notes and compiling it all in a garden journal. I made a ring-bound set of cards with a thick chipboard cover that can grow with me and with my garden! I’m also going to note down the odd jobs around the garden that need doing. I’ve seen that the trees could do with being pruned soon so I’ve made a note to get in touch with an arborist (like the ones found here – who might be able to help out with this.


In addition to helpful information fields on the front and the back of each card, I left a little space for a plant doodle or collage. I have also added a page for any useful gardening contacts and websites that I manage to pick up along the way. For example, a friend of mine recently recommended to me so I might have to give them a call soon to take care of my lawn. The recent dry spell has certainly left my lawn looking a little scorched, to say the least! Lawns can be high maintenance, which is why it’s always best to call out a company to take care of it professionally. However, I’ve heard a few people talking about getting some of their lawns removed and replacing it with decking. Decks are much easier to maintain and aren’t prone to flooding in extreme weather conditions, making them more beneficial for a garden. I’ve heard that you just need a low profile composite batten to ensure it remains weatherproof, and you’re ready to go. I am trying to get better at gardening though. Perhaps I’ll see how much time I spend taking care of the garden and then I’ll make my decision.

I also want to invest in a few more gardening tools this year to keep my backyard looking at its best so I have added to my list of useful contacts. I have always been so jealous of the leaf blower that my neighbor uses so I have decided that now is the time to treat myself. Leaf blowers are so useful, especially if you have any big trees on your lawn like I do. To be honest, I have already read a few different leaf blower reviews and a couple of models have caught my eye so I might just have to take the plunge.

What are some of your favorite garden tools? Do you own a leaf blower? Let me know if you have any recommendations as I would love to hear them.

IMG_5664_growinggardenjournalAnyway, since each card is decorated differently, it’s easy to sort through the book and quickly find the plant I’m looking for, plus it’s fun to illustrate the plants. (It would be a great project with the kiddos.)


I decorated the book cover with scraps from my seed packets and collage materials. (Waste not, want not!)

I’m excited to add more layers and more pages as I go along, and I thought I’d make up a few kits in case anyone wants to follow along with their own gardening adventures.

You can find a kit on the Adventures-in-Making etsy shop – here

April Growing Garden Journal Includes:

  • Punched Chipboard Cover pieces (labeled “Growing Garden Journal”)
  • 15 front/back printed and punched plant cards on assorted cardstock
  • 1 binder ring
  • Additional plant cards are available as a refill.

Garden Journal Kits and Refills available here.

All you need is a pen and some plants to write about!