SEPTEMBER DIY Challenge Roundup and Our Little Break


We had two amazing submissions for our Cat Themed DIY Craft Challenge this month. We think they are purrrrrrfect. (Okay, now the month is over, we can move on from cat puns.)


Judith Laguerre shared a beautiful photo and photo collage made with decorative scrap paper.

The central element of the collage is a touching photo of my sister’s cat, Muphasa. The photo developed from a photo session that came about organically. Muphasa loved to play with his favorite plush toy. I can’t recall his name. I simply love the regal pose displayed in the photo. You can see that he is in control of the photo shoot. It is my intention for the paper to enhance the photograph. Although he is no longer with us, he will never be forgotten or replaced.

I am fascinated with all aspects of art and photography. It is part method of storytelling and part therapeutic. I can be found out and about exploring this beautiful landscape with my camera and camera phone. Mediums vary, but it is important to remember to have fun exploring them! – Judith


This portrait was sent to us by the very talented artist, Britt Greenland.


This kitty, Lucy Anne, had such a fun engaging expression. My usual medium is oil paint, but I wanted to try something different, so Lucy Anne is painted entirely with oil sticks. This created a much more textured look than I usually get with my brushes and paint. I really wanted the eyes to have a smoother texture, so I did use a brush to smooth those areas.

I love animals, and I love painting, so it’s only natural that I do a lot of pet portraits. I’m always happy to have a new animal on my easel. Currently a hedgehog is staring back at from there. – Britt

You can see other amazing pieces (or commission your own) by Britt at her website,

True to the spirit of Adventures in Making, Britt shared a few tips about working with oil sticks, too. (Thanks, Britt!!)

Oil stick pros:
• Easy clean up
• No odors
• No medium required
• Colors are mixable with gloved finger/brush once applied
• Dry to touch in 24 hours
• Self-healing “skin” keeps them from drying out

• Not precise color application with the sticks alone
• Self-healing “skin” must be pulled off the stick each session

• Let base color dry for a day before applying highlights.
• Wipe stick with a dry cloth frequently to keep color clean.
• Try on various surfaces for a different look and feel.
• Start simple: just an eye or a flower.


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You might have noticed that we have been a little sporadic lately. Rachel and I have both been juggling  amazing projects that we can’t wait to share with you… BUT it’s time for us to take a little break from the blog to focus on those big things.

We’re not gone for good, just until we can get some time back in our schedules. We have a couple of posts coming up, and hope that you’ll continue to share your projects with us!

See you soon!

Alison + Rachel