DIY: Quick & Easy Peep Skewers

Peep Skewers #easter #favor #gift #candy
Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner! I love coming up with simple, fun ways to celebrate the season and this year I decided to make these colorful Peep Skewers to give to my friends and family. I absolutely LOVE bright colors and making these candy favors was just what I needed to get me excited for spring.

Peep Skewers #easter #favor #gift #candy
Peep Skewers #easter #favor #gift #candy

Quick & Easy Easter Favor: Peep Skewers
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert Favor
  • Peeps® marshmallow candies (1 package of each color)
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Cellophane Bags
  • Ribbon
  • Custom favor tags from
  1. To assemble your Peep Skewers all you need to do is open up all your packages of Peeps® candies (I chose the chicks but bunnies would be cute too). Choose whichever color order you want and then start poking them onto the bamboo skewer one at a time. I used a total of 5 peeps per skewer.
  2. Package however you like. I slipped my Peep Skewers into large cellophane bags and tied them closed with coordinating ribbon and a custom favor tag from

Peep Skewers #easter #favor #gift #candy
If you want to gift a little something extra, pair each skewer with a bar of chocolate and a package of graham crackers– because we all know that Peep S’mores are the best!

Peep Skewers #easter #favor #gift #candy

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