Our Favorite Posts From 2014!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year! When we started Adventures-In-Making last June, we had no idea where this blog would take us. We’ve had so much fun flexing our creative muscles, sharing projects and ideas, and connecting with like-minded creative people like YOU! We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us and hope that you’ll join us in our creative adventure!

Today we are taking one last look at 2014 to share some of our favorite posts and projects. We hope you enjoy looking through. Cheers to a great 2015!

DIY: ‘Cat Nap’ Eye Pillow

DIY: 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows + Free Sewing Pattern #craft #herbal

One of my all-time favorite sewing projects. These were so fun to make and sparked my interest in learning more about natural healing and aromatherapy. – Rachel

DIY: Hand-Dyed Paper Flowers


It was so fun to share this process. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a day, and I end up surrounded by colorful flowers. – Alison

RECIPE: Lavender & Lemonade


This year I fell in love with lavender. These lavender creme cookies were to die for! Can’t wait to make them again -Rachel

TODAY: Heal A Creative Soul


It felt so therapuetic to sit down and think about ways to help sooth the sensitive artistic soul. I try to do a few of these things every day. – Alison

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit

TOOLBOX: Art Journal Supply Kit #artjournal #collage #supplies

Art journaling is my favorite mode of expression. It’s the one thing I always turn back to whenever I need to reconnect with my true self. Sharing my favorite supplies and journal pages felt very cathartic and even sparked new friendships! -Rachel

DIY: Lucky Buddha Tiki Torches

DIY: Lucky Buddha Tiki Torches #decor #outdoor #summer

This was such a fun project! I spent months thinking about what I could do with the Lucky Buddha bottles. Tiki torches were so simple to make and fun to use! -Rachel

DIY: Number Etched Drinking Glasses


I’ve been making these jars like crazy since the original post, and have a cabinet full! It was such a great way to practice using a new tool, the Dremel Micro. -Alison

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

My biggest struggle of 2014 has been living with chronic pain. Thinking of Frida Kahlo’s life and art is such a comfort and inspiration to keep growing, creating and loving. -Rachel

RECIPE: Pickled Blackberries


My big experiment in the kitchen- pickled blackberries seemed like such a strange concept, but they turned out surprisingly delicious. I served them to my friends and family with cheese and crackers and everyone LOVED it! I’ll definitely be making these again next year. -Rachel

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles

DIY: Pressed Herb Candles #gift #handmade

This was one of my first candle-making experiences and I just love how they turned out! I can’t wait to make them again. -Rachel

DIY: Ampersand Shadow Box


This shadow box was so much fun to make, and now sits proudly in my studio. I can’t wait to try this process on more pieces. -Alison

DIY: Shiny Robot Ornaments from Wine Corks


Another reclaimed material project, I sure like using trash. I’ve made even more robot friends since this post. They’re a blast. -Alison