October DIY Challenge Results!

We are so excited to share the great submissions we received from you all for our first ever DIY Challenge! The theme for this month was ‘Fall Leaves’ and we were blown away by the creative projects everyone came up with. As promised we are awarding our three favorite projects and showcasing everyone’s submissions.


The award for “Most Practical” goes to Donna Herron who made this gorgeous knitted cowl. We just love the whimsical leaf pattern she created and the bright colors she chose.

DIY Challenge Awards: Most Practical #diycraftchallenge

Donna Herron is an avid artist and crafter. Originally from New England, she now lives in the Southeast USA, but still loves knitting warm, cozy, and colorful items. She’s been designing her own knitting patterns for a few years, but enjoys crafting in a number of mediums as well.

My submission is my Changing Leaves Cowl. I love all the gorgeous colors of autumn and wanted to use bits of my favorite variegated yarn to depict these bright colors. I took a leaf from my yard to create a knitting chart for the leaves in this cowl. – Donna from Southeast USA

Donna’s Changing Leaves Cowl Pattern is available on her blog for free! Thanks so much Donna!


The award for ‘Most Decorative’ goes to Beth Watson. We love how she cut letters out of silk leaves to create a festive banner for fall.

DIY CHALLENGE AWARD: Most Decorative #diycraftchallenge

Beth Watson lives sunny SW Florida where there is no seasonal change with fall leaves, inspiring her to come up with several projects that incorporate them each year. Beth is a creative design professional, specializing in mixed media design, three dimensional crafts and home décor. You can check out her blog, here.

These are large silk leaves that I found at the craft store and I wanting to make them into a banner. I tried all kinds of letter stickers and chipboard, but finally decided to trace around the letters and cut them out with a craft knife. I have them hanging in my window, so the sun shines through them and creates cool shadows on the floor! – Beth from SW Florida


The award for ‘Most Creative’ goes to Shirley and her 8-year-old grandson Noah. We absolutely loved the face they created using collected fall leaves and flowers.

DIY CHALLENGE AWARD: Most Creative #diycraftchallenge

Thanks for the challenge. It was a lot of fun. Noah had a tough time thinking in such an abstract way. We worked together, and he finally figured out there was no wrong or right way… then it was great! – Shirley from Nebraska.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first DIY Challenge! We had so much fun seeing your creative projects. We hope you’ll join us again next month! (Next month’s theme will be announced tomorrow).

Fall Leaves Gallery

DIY CHALLENGE: Fall Leaves #craft #diycraftchallenge #autumn #october
Credits left to right:
1. Leather Leaves Mobile by Lin from Okinawa, Japan
2. Autumn Leaf & Pinecone Garland by Tamara (via Instagram)
3. Cardboard Autumn Tree by Rachel Beyer from Portland, Oregon
4. Embroidered Leaf Hoop Art by Alissa Thiele from Portland, Oregon
5. Embroidered Felt Leaf Brooches by Lindsay McCoy from Oregon City, Oregon
6. Chalkboard Sign by Alison Lang from Issaquah, Washington
7. Family Tree Leaves by the Halperin Family from Winfield, Illinois
8. Crochet Leaves by Kat Duke from Seattle, Washington
9. Cross-stitch Fall Leaf Hoop Art by Kim J from Northwest Georgia
10. Appearing Leaf Drop Dyed Tissue by Alison Lang from Issaquah, Washington
11. Fall Leaf Prints by Rachel Beyer from Portland, Oregon

Stay tuned for next month’s DIY CHALLENGE! We hope you’ll join us!