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DIY: Quick Printable Catnip Kicking Bag

DIY: Add a Kitten Pocket with Polish Remover and Sharpies

DIY: Recycled Rainbow Mobile

DIY: Watercolor & Wax Paper Jewelry

DIY: Fairy In A Jar (with a free printable fairy!)

DIY: Patio Friendly Pile-Up Cushions filled with Styrofoam Peanuts

DIY: Plantable Felt Vegetable Garden (Part 2)

DIY: Plantable Felt Vegetable Garden (Part 1)

DIY: Spring Chicken Plushies

DIY: Three Ways To Paint A Watercolor Feather (For Beginners)

DIY: Paper Maché Birdy Penny Bank

DIY: MARCH Embroidered Bird Journal Kit

DIY: Heart Bath Bombs (For Valentine’s Day)

DIY: Turn a Tea Towel into the Simplest Apron

DIY: Target My Heart Pincushion

DIY: February (Peace Sign) Badge Kit

DIY: Heart Embroidery Sampler (For Beginners)

DIY: Photo Album Pop-up Ornaments

DIY: Playing Card Ornaments

DIY: Scrap Paper Strip Ornaments

DIY: Simple Trees for Your Chipboard Forest

DIY: Chipboard Village with Free House Template

DIY: Season’s Greetings Printable Herb Packet Gift

DIY: Finger Crochet a Round T-shirt Rag Rug

DIY: Paper Spiderwebs to Decorate Everything

DIY: Spookily Free and Easy Ghosts

DIY: Glitter Pumpkin Candles

DIY: Turmeric Tie-Dye Scarf

Three DIY Projects To Try This Fall

DIY: Build a Box and Lid

DIY: Marble Paper with Oil Paints

DIY: Culinary Herb Wreath

DIY: Mini Crystal Succulent Garden

DIY: Jersey Macrame Hanging Planter

DIY: Convertible Harvest Apron / Produce Bag

DIY: Homemade Allergy Relief Balm

DIY: Funky T-shirt Rag Quilt for Summer Picnics and Winter Snuggling

DIY: The Simplest Paper Flowers

DIY: Simple Flowers from Old T-Shirts + Free Templates

DIY: Free Mother’s Day Printable Card and Poster, Thanks for Teaching Me.

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Featured Maker: Jill Maldonado


SHOW+TELL: Spray Paint a Briar Rug

FEATURED MAKER: Stephanie Rose + “Garden Made” Book Giveaway!

SHOW+TELL: Hanging Basket Gnome Home

SHOW+TELL: Growing Garden Journal Kit

Show+Tell: Printable Color-in Birds and Postcard Kit

SHOW+TELL: A Rainbow of Faux Embroidery

SHOW+TELL: Easy Tiered Cardboard Display

SHOW+TELL: A Look at the Letterpress

SHOW+TELL: Mounting a Phone to a Tripod Using Sculpey

TODAY: Creative Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

SHOW+TELL: Turning an Old Sweatshirt into an iPad Sleeve

SHOW+TELL: Art Journaling Through The Years

SHOW + TELL: A-Frame Canvas Card Wall

TODAY: Be Inspired, Not Intimidated.

TODAY: It’s time to take a break.

BOOK REVIEW: Make It Mighty Ugly by Kim Werker

TODAY: The Magic is in the Making

SHOW + TELL: Rachel Finds Peace In Panama

TODAY: Be Hoppy

SHOW + TELL: Gift Card Mosaic Letters

SHOW + TELL: Codex Seraphinianus

SHOW + TELL: Our Favorite Lettering Books

TODAY: Make today Lucky

SHOW + TELL: Watch Ali Draw Words

SHOW + TELL : Lotta Prints Book

TODAY: Have a Happy Little Valentine’s Day!

SHOW + TELL : Paper to Petals Book


Our Favorite Posts From 2014!

TODAY: Resolutions for a Creative 2015

TODAY: Have yourself a merry little

TODAY: Begins A Winter Slowdown

TODAY: Get your space in order.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Creative Blog Hop

FEATURED MAKER: Emma Reid of Emuse


FEATURED MAKER: Lindsay McCoy of A Wooden Nest

TODAY: Inspired by Frida Kahlo

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