MAY DIY Challenge Roundup

This blog is powered by whimsy, so this month’s theme was perfectly in line. Fairy tales aren’t always bright tales of princesses and happy endings, but they are a wonderful way to let our imaginations run wild.

Here’s a roundup of submissions we got this month. They are magical!!


Michelle sent her amazing take on a fairy garden.

Thank you so much for an awesome craft challenge this month. I love anything to do with fairies and would like to submit our Desert Fairy Garden. We used an old wooden tissue box for the main house, built a porch with a swing so the fairies can enjoy the desert sunsets and when nature calls there’s even an outhouse with a long drop.

Check out the blog, A Crafty Mix, to see how they built the garden out of basic materials, and a lot of imagination and talent!

Morena shared this cheery bird bath inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

 I always loved the tea party scene with Alice and the Mad Hatter, so I created a bird bath with teapots and saucers.  

You can see her DIY instructions on the blog – Morena’s Corner.

Tara_1---Illuminated-Letter-Sketches TARA_2---Illuminated-Letter-A

Our challenged inspired Tara to have a little fun with illuminated letters. She used copic pens to draw the beautiful black details and added mica pigmented paints with a brush and a pointed pen to make it all sparkle.


The students of Eastern Hills Elementary put together these lovely castles from boxes, tubes and other materials.

Kelly Benbrook (who happens to be Alison’s Mom) sent in a few shots of the fairy tale neighborhood on the library shelves.

We have a few things to finish up before we take a little summer break. What are you up to?