FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane of Lucky 2 b U

FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane #artist #interview #rainbow
I am so excited to have Kara Rane talking with us today about her art and creative life. I first discovered Kara’s work years ago and fell in love with the vibrant colors and positive energy that ooze from her work. The patterns and textures she is able to create with markers is amazing! See more of her work on her website, lucky2bu.com.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What is your background?

I grew up at 6,000 feet in the mountains of Southern California, in a very small town. Nature was a huge part of my childhood, and I found my favorite places to be were among the trees, streams, lakes & wilderness. I also love the ocean and later lived in Santa Barbara attending UCSB and studying Environmental Science and Art Studio. Although I am deeply connected to the natural world, my curiosity compelled me to explore urban life and I lived in San Francisco and New York City. Having a passion for travel, I also lived for a time in the Caribbean on a tiny remote island, trekked the Himalayas of Nepal, returned to my native Nordic countries, explored Thailand and Vietnam and have road tripped throughout parts of the United States. Now, I live on a happy five-acre ‘homestead’ in the Sierra foothills of Northern California.

FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane #artist #interview #rainbow

Art for Kara’s eco-art card line, Lucky 2 b U

What do you make and sell?

My art is made by hand, created with ink, fluorescence, marker on paper and all the colors of the rainbow. The original drawings glow neon under a black light, so this is a sure way to verify authenticity! Greenerprinter in Berkeley Ca. makes the reproductions with vegetable inks, 100% post consumer recycled paper, and renewable energy. I am incredibly passionate about renewable energy and think we should all be doing more to switch to alternative sources of power. For example, a friend of mine who lives in Texas recently switched to solar power to supply the electricity for her home business and she has already managed to make a big saving on her electric bill. It turns out the electricity rates in dallas can often be much more affordable if you choose a more environmentally conscious supplier. After all, saving money is one thing, but saving the planet is another! Anyway, ‘Lucky 2 b U‘ greeting cards are sold at select Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and many lovely boutiques.

How did you get started and when did you launch your business?

It seems I have always had a creative business; it has just changed and transformed, as all things in life do. While I lived in Brooklyn, I had a small storefront where I held ‘donation only’ yoga classes and hosted community gallery events. Then when in the Caribbean, I had a kiosko on the beach selling food and making art by the sea. During my time in San Francisco, I focused on figurative portraiture in oil paint. Currently, my art is sold online and through retail shops, and I work on projects for individual clients. I follow my dreams and hopefully the business will continue to follow too.

FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane #artist #interview #rainbow

Zodiac art series by Kara Rane


Do you have any philosophies or ideals you try to represent with your work?

Art heals you. It infuses the body with positive energy, reduces stress, stimulates cognitive brain function and promotes a sense of unity. Our world is in desperate need of healing. We have lost the ability to live in harmony, balance, and good health- with nature, with Earth.

“What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from the great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.”
-Chief Seattle

The art I create is devoted entirely to this healing, it is my medicine, for you, and for the planet.

FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane #artist #interview #rainbow

Kara finds inspiration in travel and nature.

Where do you look for inspiration?

A definition of ‘inspire’ is to breathe or to infuse life by breathing. In the same way we cannot live without air, we cannot live without being inspired. It is an essential component to our being alive.

What does your workspace/studio look like?

A work studio is wherever I happen to be. Sometimes all I need is pencil and paper, nothing else. Other times, it may be more elaborate and might require that I can work on the project for a long length of time with a variety of materials. I am almost always accompanied by at least one spirit animal, as the tranquil peace of time flows by.

FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane #artist #interview #rainbow

Kara’s art studio in Northern California.

What are some of your favorite tools or techniques?

Working with my hands, in all things! I am very dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle, to supporting and growing organic food and to understanding how to best care for the land and creatures we depend on. One of my newest skills (a continual work in progress) is attending to our 26 fruit tree orchard. In this way, I have come to know each and every tree. I touch each one and especially in our recent harvest, have hand picked each apple, peach, and plum.

FEATURED MAKER: Kara Rane #artist #interview #rainbow

Fruit orchards on Kara’s five-acre homestead in the Sierra foothills.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve overcome in your business? Or something you tried but didn’t work the way you planned?

One of the challenges as an artist is to stay true to your own vision. Often times progressive work will not be popular at first because it is new and most people will be afraid to like it unless other people do. This can be really challenging in our current ‘social media’ culture. But it is important to offer a unique perspective, to present reality not as we already see it but as it can be seen, this is the only way art can truly be transformative.

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