DIY: Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend

DIY: Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend #essentialoils #wellness

Last winter I treated myself to a Doterra starter kit and fell in love with the lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils. I use the lavender to ease headaches and help me sleep. The peppermint is great for nausea or upset stomach and I love using the lemon to lighten my mood and give me a fresh outlook. I’ve found using essential oils to be a great natural alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Last September I started working part-time at Molly Muriel Apothecary, and have become more and more interested in essential oils and discovering new ways to use them. I’ve tried them in my own incense blends with herbs; I use them in my bath and even made up my own bath salts.

As a woman who suffers from severe PMS and painful periods every month, I wondered if there was a natural way to ease cramps and other symptoms associated with menstruation. Before beginning my search for natural products to reduce painful cramps, I’d been looking into the use of birth control to ease my severe PMS symptoms. This online pharmacy was something I looked into for access of these birth control pills, which was an incredibly convenient way of getting medication. However, before I turned to birth control, I really wanted to discover whether I could produce my own essential oil that could ease my pain, simply out of curiosity. If it hadn’t been successful, I would definitely have considered birth control. A friend recommended to me that I look at these strongest weed strains, as a few of them were great for easing cramps and emotional turmoil experienced during PMS. However, I’d already started researching different herbs and oils to try, so I decided to make my own essential oil blend to use along with a heat compress during my period.

Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend

Adapted from Natural Fertility Info

• 15 drops German chamomile
• 20 drops clary sage
• 20 drops sweet marjoram
• 10 drops rose
• 10 drops lavender
• sweet almond oil
• 4 oz dark glass bottles

DIY: Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend #essentialoils #wellness

Fill your bottles about ¾ full with the almond oil. Then add in your essential oils. If you’re new to blending essential oils, be sure to take your time and carefully count each drop. Depending on what brand/bottle of oil you purchase, you’ll use either an eyedropper or some bottles come with a built in dropper. You can see in the photos that I have both. Make sure to only use 100% pure, natural oils. If you live in the Portland area, I recommend visiting me at Molly Muriel Apothecary! Or a great online source for herbs and oils is Mountain Rose.

DIY: Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend #essentialoils #wellness
DIY: Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend #essentialoils #wellness

Once you’ve added in all the essential oils, fill the bottle the rest of the way with almond oil (or insert a pump). To use, apply the oil to your lower abdomen when experiencing menstrual pain/cramps. Place a towel or cloth on top of the oil, then apply a heat compress using a heating pad.

Some more info about the oils I chose:

  • German Chamomile: Reduces inflammation. This oil is deep blue in color due to the presence of azulene. It also has pain-reducing effects, helps calm the nerves, reduces anger, irritability and depression.
  • Clary Sage: Relaxes the nerve impulses, reducing muscle spasms and cramps. Furthermore, it reduces symptoms like bloating, mood swings and food cravings by balancing hormones; and also helps calm the nerves, eases stress and depression.
  • Sweet Marjoram: Reduces pain on all levels. It helps to regulate menses and provides relief for other symptoms associated with periods like headache, dizziness and mood swings.
  • Rose: Also an antidepressant and antispasmodic. It stimulates hormone secretions, which trigger menstruation and can be particularly helpful for those who suffer from obstructed or irregular periods. It also eases cramps, nausea and fatigue while reducing pain associated with menstruation.
  • Lavender: Eases nerves, anxiety, headaches, depression and stress. It induces sleep and helps reduce pain. For these exact same reasons, many people look for the best CBD oil UK to positively affect their overall health, sleep patterns and alleviate any pain they’re experiencing.
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DIY: Crimson Tide Essential Oil Blend #essentialoils #wellness

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Use caution:

  • Do not use this oil blend if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Test the oil blend on a small portion of your skin first. If you experience any sensitivity or irritation, do not use.
  • Always use a carrier oil (like almond, coconut, or olive) when using essential oils. You don’t want to apply them directly to your skin.
  • I am not a doctor or professional herbalist by any means, so I cannot guarantee this oil blend will work for you. Consult your doctor before using essential oils.