DIY: Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book!

DIY Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book #craft #kids #printable #bug

Making your own crayons is a popular craft and a great activity you can do with your kids. I used a mini cupcake mold to make our crayons, but you could also try using a fun shaped silicon mold as well. Get your kids involved and help them make their own party favors for their friends! Plus we’ve got a free printable coloring book (illustrated by me) for everyone to have fun coloring in.

DIY Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book #craft #kids #printable #favor

DIY Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book #craft #kids #printable #favor

DIY Crayon Favors

• Old, broken crayons
• Mini cupcake tray (or other oven-proof mold)

First you want to peel the paper off all the crayons. You can soak them in water to make them easier to peel.

Next, break them up into small pieces and place them into the mold. You’ll want to be careful not to fill them too full. You don’t want to overflow the pan.

DIY Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book #craft #kids #printable #favor

Preheat oven to its lowest setting. I set mine for 170 degrees. Bake the crayons in oven for approx. 30 minutes, or until they are completely melted. Let cool completely (about 1 hour) and pop the crayons out of the mold. I used an x-acto knife to loosen any crayons that did not come out easily.

Package crayons in hand-stamped muslin drawstring gift bags and a cute custom favor tag from

DIY Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book #craft #kids #printable #favor

Click here to download the free printable coloring book!

To assemble, print pages 2-3 back to back. Fold all pages in half and saddle stitch (staple) together to form a book.

DIY Crayons + Free Printable Coloring Book #craft #kids #printable #favor


  1. Linda Taylor says

    What a cute idea. When I try to download the coloring book it tells me resource not found. My sister’s in the hospital and I was going to make one for her. She’d get a kick out of it.


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