DIY: Black Cat Stamped Scarf

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall
I can’t believe it’s almost October! Autumn is in full swing and I’m excited to finally do some fall crafting. I’ve had this project on my to-do list for a few months so I was eager to finally work on it and have a fun new scarf to wear for Fall.

Supplies Needed

• White scarf (cotton or linen is best)
Black stamp pad (for fabric)
Carving block
Linoleum Cutter Tools
• Pencil

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

You can use scratch paper to decide how you want to draw your cat. I kept mine simple. Then use a pencil to draw the cat onto the carving block. Once you’ve finished, get out your carving tools.

Using the smallest carving blade, I carved the face of the cat first.

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

Then I switched to a larger carving tool and carved around the shape of the cat head.

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

I continued to carve out all the negative space around the cat head until it looked like this:

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

Now that you’re stamp is ready, do a test on a piece of scratch paper to see what it looks like.

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

Next, start stamping your scarf! But first, make sure to iron out any wrinkles from the fabric. Lay it flat and begin to stamp. Start at one end and work your way to the other. I stamped in rows and tried to make them as evenly spaced as possible.

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

Once you’ve stamped the entire scarf, use an iron again to heat set the ink by pressing for 10 seconds or put on high heat in the dryer for 15 minutes. And you’re done!

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall

This scarf would make a great gift for a cat-loving friend, or if you’re like me, you’ll wear it yourself all season long!

DIY Cat Stamped Scarf #craft #kitty #blackcat #fashion #fall


    • says

      Yes! The ink I used is in an all-purpose ink that works on fabric as well as other surfaces. Once you heat set your stamping, it should stay on forever! Just make sure you use a ink pad for fabric and you should be good!

  1. Yolanda says

    Hi Rachel- I came across this blog by accident and really enjoyed looking through the posts. I wanted to let you know the cat motif is strikingly similar to textile designer Leah Goren- plus colours are the same. Accidents happen, but i thought I should let you know. The design is on her website.

  2. ALP says

    I made this for my mom and she loved it so much, it turned out awesome. Thanks so much for the great idea


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