It may be less than a week away from our first official day of fall, but the weather is still warm and breezy here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m itching for homemade soups while still enjoying light summer clothing, open windows and garden harvests. How are you sipping up the last moments of summer?

COLOR INSPIRATION: Autumn Breeze #fall #palette
(Sources left to right: 1. Bobbins by The Pearl Bee 2. Pumpkins by Source Unknown 3. Illustration by Edward Mcknight Kauffer 4. God’s Eye Mandala by Jay Mohler)

COLOR INSPIRATION: Sunshine & Lavender

COLOR INSPIRATION: Sunshine & Lavender #moodboard #palette #color

After sipping on Sparkling Lavender Lemonade this week, I’ve been daydreaming of this lovely color palette. With the scent of fresh lavender in my nose, a hint of citrus and a big dose of sunshine I am feeling refreshed and ready for adventure!

Image Sources (clockwise): 1. Lavender Field Provence 2. Elle Magazine 3. Lavender Lemon Creme Brûlée
4. Georgianna Lane


COLOR INSPIRATION: Peace of Mind #teal #purple #chartreuse #watercolor
I’ve been obsessing over this color palette for the past month or so. The cool blues and purples with hints of chartreuse and green offer a refreshing calmness. The combination stirs up memories of salt water and warm ocean breezes. The one place I can find peace of mind.

Image sources (clockwise): 1. Katy’s Photo Journal 2. Eliana Luck 3. Flowers On Bornay 4. Hello Pretty Things