About Adventures in Making

Adventures In Making is a blog devoted to crafters, designers, and artistic types of all sorts.
Our goal is to create a growing resource that supports creative business and creative life.


Our Mission

At Adventures In Making we embrace our crazy ideas and give in to our urge to play with glitter paint and pipe cleaners. We jump into the unknown and try new things. Whether it’s a new recipe, a new tool or a new skill- we love the adventure of making stuff!

We want to turn all the crazy ideas we dream up into crafty adventures. Not all ideas turn into awesome creations, but even our failures are worth celebrating. Through our mistakes new lessons are learned and more ideas are inspired! As creative people we are instinctive problem solvers (almost obsessively so) and we love the challenge of making something work or finding the right method or resource.

New skills and experiences should be shared so that we can all be better at what we do (and have more fun.) We know that we can learn from each other, and inspire each other to move in new directions. Our hope is that you’ll find our blog a great resource for inspiration, DIY projects, and creative solutions to help you on your own path of making.


How the Adventure Started

Alison and Rachel met while while designing products and packaging in Seattle in 2008. Even after leaving the company, they continued to rely on each other for honest, constructive feedback. (Often through emails titled “Help Design Mommy!”– Rachel’s nickname for Alison.)

Rachel moved to Portland, OR in 2009 but they still stayed in touch with frequent trips back and forth from Issaquah to Portland. Over the past 6 years they’ve continued to share their crafty adventures, give each other advice and support, and share their experiences as creative business owners.

They started Adventures In Making in 2014 so that they could expand their collaboration to a large community, by sharing their experiences, being inspired by you.


Meet the Creators

Co-Creator Alison Lang

Alison Lang

Adventures in Making began as the coping mechanism of a designer who missed art directing, problem solving, and being generally bossy. Working from home on only her products, she often lost interest and passion too quickly. Alison (“Design Mommy”) pressed friends to send her projects to look at, and questions to answer. She used the questions and critiques to fuel her own work, and discover new ways to do new things.

In 2013 she turned her passion for other people’s stuff into a small brick and mortar store in Historic Downtown Issaquah. It was filled with products and artists that inspired her, and running the business has taught her some valuable lessons. Alison continues to design new products for sale online, and looks for great new opportunities. No longer lacking in inspiration, she just wishes there was more time in the day to play with her letterpress, pencils, and tools.

Email : info@andsothere.com
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Rachel Beyer co-creator of Adventures In Making

Rachel Beyer

Rachel is an artist, designer and creative maker living in Portland, Oregon. She is the creator of Camp Smartypants, a line of colorful art, greeting cards and handmade goods. Having recently left her day job working as blog editor for a local design/print company, Rachel now works as a freelance designer/illustrator/blogger and editor/co-creator of Adventures In Making.

Email : rachel@adventures-in-making.com
Portfolio: rachelbeyer.com
Camp Smartypants: campsmartypants.com
Pinterest: rachelbeyer Instagram: rachelbeyer