DIY: Hand Print your Gift Wrap – Part2


After I had everything inked up for the hand printed wrapping paper, I looked over at the ink brayer and decided I wasn’t done printing. The 3″ surface of the brayer seemed perfect for decorating smaller surfaces and decorating gift bags. For this design, I used the same basic shapes- lines and circles- but on… 

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DIY: Hand Print your Gift Wrap – Part1

  For some reason I can’t quite master gift wrapping. I get the folding and the taping; but when it comes time to add bows or other decoration, everything just sort of unravels. (Literally, at times.) So I discovered a trick- if you start with something unique and eye-catching, no one will ever notice your… 

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Winter Slowdown #24daysofpresence

TODAY: Begins A Winter Slowdown

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling the strain and stress of ‘the holiday hustle’. A recent move from my home of four years added to chronic pain management and family troubles has ensured nothing goes as smoothly as it should. With all the packing, unpacking, doctors, and the effects of the winter… 

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DIY: Shiny Robot Ornaments from Wine Corks

Since this month’s DIY Craft Challenge Theme is Glitter I started thinking about all the things that sparkle around the holidays… and obviously thought “Robot”. Actually, I’m not sure why I went straight to our metal friends, but that’s what the DIY Craft Challenge is all about! It’s a jumping off point for all your great… 

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RECIPE: 3 Homemade Spice Blends

RECIPE: 3 Homemade Spice Blends

Every year for Christmas, my boyfriend James and I like to make gifts for our friends and family. Since James is a home-chef, we decided to make our own spice blends to give to our fellow foodies this year. We chose three different blends: Herbs de Provence, Asian 5-Spice, Fajita Seasoning. We plan to pair… 

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RECIPE: Lemon Pistachio Wreath Cookies #holiday #baking #marthastewart

RECIPE: Lemon Pistachio Wreath Cookies

Homemade cookies are one of my favorite holiday treats. I love the baking, sharing and of course, the eating of a delicious homemade cookie. I’m a sucker for the holiday baking magazines at the checkout stand and love turning page after page of beautiful cookies that look too pretty to even eat. This year, I… 

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DIY: Glittered Cinnamon Ornaments #holiday #christmas #craft

DIY: Glittered Cinnamon Ornaments

Homemade cinnamon ornaments have been on my to-do list every year, but I never seem to be able to make time for it. After seeing this post, I felt so inspired by the idea of adding glitter that I spent a whole afternoon making some. It was such a fun project and I love how… 

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TODAY: Get your space in order.

Yesterday I picked up an unlabeled box, fought to pull the lid off, and was greeted by an explosion of confetti. You might think that’s a funny prank- except that it was me who had the bright idea of putting the confetti in that box in the first place. Dumb. My own prank would have been thwarted… 

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DIY CHALLENGE: December Glitter

Need a break from the holiday madness? Our December DIY Challenge is the perfect excuse to escape to your craft room (or kitchen table) for an afternoon of making. There’s something so therapeutic about sitting down with a simple craft project and a tasty snack. Invite a friend to join you and make something together!… 

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November DIY Challenge Results

November DIY Challenge Results + A Holiday Recipe!

We are so excited to share the great submissions we received this month for our DIY Challenge! The theme for this month was ‘Herbs & Spices’ and we were blown away by the delicious looking food, beautiful crafts, and homemade concoctions. As promised we are awarding our three favorite projects and showcasing everyone’s submissions. DIY… 

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Creative Blog Hop

We were invited to participate in the Creative Blog Hop by Lindsay at A Wooden Nest, and I thought I (Alison) would take a swing at the hop. What am I working on? I split my time between running the So There shop in Issaquah and working on my own line of paper goods. I have to… 

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